Installation for individuals

Download methods

Select a download method that's right for your installation. There are four different download methods: three for Windows products and one that can be used for both macOS and Windows products. 

You choose a method from the Products and Services section of Autodesk Account.  Select a product and click View downloads.


Under Download method, you see the method currently selected and can view all the methods available to you for this product.

Download methods for Windows products:

  • Install now (product releases of 2019 and later): This method, for installing Autodesk products on a single computer, downloads and installs in one operation.
  • Download now: This method can be used to install any product release on single or multiple computers. It downloads in the first step and then installs in the second, so you can wait between download and installation. 
  • Custom install (product releases of 2022 and later): This method, provided by the Custom Install tool under Products and Services in Autodesk Account, allows you to install products with custom settings on single computers or create custom deployments to multiple computers. You select products and specify installation settings in Autodesk Account before you download. 

Download method for macOS and Windows products:

  • Browser download: This method uses standard browser features to download a complete package for single installation or deployment to multiple devices


Method summary

The following table summarizes the characteristics of the four download methods and indicates the appropriate methods for educational usage. 


For multiple computers?

Operating system


Educational usage

Install now



Downloads and installs in one operation

Students and educators

Download now



Downloads in one step and installs later

Educational institutions

Custom install



Downloads customized installer for multiple products


Browser download


macOS and Windows

Uses browser download features

Students, educators, and institutions

Note: Be sure to disable pop-up blockers before using any of these methods.